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ENGAGE VRC Quick Guide


What is ENGAGE?

Through person-centered planning and individualized support, UNT ENGAGE helps neurodivergent students achieve their academic and vocational goals. ENGAGE provides academic case management and service coordination to address pre-employment, self-advocacy, self-management, and social needs which in turn prepare participants for post-graduation employment and independence.

What services are available?

Person-centered Planning: ENGAGE works with students to develop a Person-Centered Plan (PCP) to address academic, employment, social, and personal goals. The PCP is used to guide weekly one-on-one meetings, check-ins, and referrals to UNT and community partners.

One-on-one meetings: Students meet weekly with their ENGAGE coordinator to take steps towards reaching their PCP goals. Students also have a 2nd weekly “check-in” with an ENGAGE Graduate Student Assistant for additional support as needed. These meetings can include, but are not limited to: Student mentoring and case management, an open forum for students to discuss personal and academic issues, self-advocacy support and training, collaborative problem solving, vocational support/training, and referrals to UNT and community resources.

Check-ins: In addition to each student’s one-on-one meetings with their coordinator, students are required to “check in” with ENGAGE staff another time during each week. These ENGAGE-hosted check-ins can be but are not limited to: participating in the weekly peer social group (Eagle Chat), study hall, specific group activities, community outings, or other UNT social events. The type of check-in will depend on individual students’ identified vocational, academic, and social needs and preferences. Students can participate in these events to learn & practice skills necessary to reach their PCP goals. Topics covered in check-ins have related to Disability Disclosure, Resume and Cover Letter writing, Time Management, Interview Tips and Practice, Study Skills, and Social Skills.

Referrals: ENGAGE staff will make referrals, as appropriate, to community and UNT partners who may provide support for students’ goals. Some common partners include, but are not limited to Office of Disability Access, UNTWELL Counseling and Testing Services, Student Health and Wellness Center, UNT Speech and Hearing Center, UNT Career Center, UNT Learning Center, and other Neurodiversity Student Support Network services.

The ENGAGE Process

  • An updated Neuropsychological evaluation will be required and must be printed on official letterhead and contain the psychologist’s contact information. The evaluation should include a diagnosis; academic levels in reading, writing, and math; any mental health concerns (anxiety, depression, etc.); and possible communication and processing challenges the customer may have.
  • Once the customer submits the completed application, the customer will participate in an interview with ENGAGE to determine eligibility.
  • If accepted into the program, a service authorization will be required, along with relevant case notes, previous assessment results, and IPE amended to include ENGAGE services.
  • ENGAGE will schedule a Person-Centered Plan meeting where the student’s semester-long goals will be agreed upon. VRCs will be invited to attend these PCP meetings.

Note to VRCs:

ENGAGE staff will strongly encourage students to have a referral from their VR Counselor before applying for the ENGAGE program.

If a potential applicant does not have an updated neuropsychological evaluation, ENGAGE staff will often encourage that student to reach out to their VR Counselor for guidance.

ENGAGE is a growing and changing support service for Neurodivergent students. We, therefore, expect growth and changes related to our policies and procedures in the coming years.

Please feel free to contact ENGAGE staff with any questions or concerns at ENGAGE@unt.edu.