UNT Neurodiversity Initiative

This site serves as a central point of reference for UNT's varied efforts to promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance of neurodiversity. "Neurodiversity is the diversity of human brains and minds – the infinite variation in neurocognitive functioning within our species." (Nick Walker)

UNT has made great progress in becoming more welcoming and inclusive where more familiar kinds of diversity are concerned; the Office of Diversity & Inclusion plays a leading role in these activities.

The Neurodiversity Initiative provides access to and information about a variety of groups, training opportunities, and research efforts that are designed to promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance of students, faculty, and staff in our university community who are neurodivergent. An example of this someone who has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition. Our university community values creativity, caring, and resilience. Neurodivergent members of our community have creative contributions to make. They are eager to collaborate on making our university a more caring place. And they exhibit a great deal of resilience--to be able to make it through a class period, a semester, or a degree, and to be effective in a faculty, staff, or administrative role.