ENGAGE Services





Person-centered Planning

ENGAGE works with students to develop a Person-Centered Plan (PCP) for achieving their academic, employment, and personal goals. The PCP is then used to guide weekly one-on-one meetings, check-ins, group activities, and referrals to UNT and community partners.


Person-Centered Approach

The level of ENGAGE support is based on the individual level of need. At the beginning of a student’s time in the program, they are required to have at minimum two check-ins per week, one with their Coordinator and one with their Graduate Assistant. As the student progresses through the program from semester to semester, they are expected to increase their professionalism and show mastery of skills learned in previous semesters, which means their level of support from ENGAGE may decrease. Students may go from two direct one-on-ones per week to one direct one-on-one with their coordinator and meet with their Graduate Assistant bi-weekly, leaving them space to attend campus events that ENGAGE staff is present at.




Weekly Meetings

All students, regardless of support level, will meet weekly with their ENGAGE coordinator at the student’s scheduled time to discuss goals, progress towards goals, and anything else the student needs to discuss. Students may also have a second weekly check-in with an ENGAGE Graduate Student Assistant for additional support as needed. These meetings can include but are not limited to:

  • Student mentoring and case management
  • Open forum for students to discuss personal and academic concerns
  • Self-advocacy support and training
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Vocational supports/training
  • Referrals to UNT and community resources.



ENGAGE staff will make referrals, as appropriate, to community and UNT partners who may provide support for student’s goals. Some common partners include, but are not limited to: Office of Disability Access, UNTWELL, Counseling and Testing Services, Student Health and Wellness Center, UNT Speech and Hearing Center, UNT Career Center, UNT Learning CenterEagle Chat , other NeuroNet Services.