ENGAGE Application Process

 Completed applications will be added to our interest list.

Admittance is based on staff availability


The mission of UNT ENGAGE is to improve the quality of life for neurodivergent students by supporting their social, vocational, and academic success at the University of North Texas and beyond. This program is most beneficial to students who can independently complete college-level work, are motivated to complete a four-year post-secondary degree, will actively participate in the program, and are interested in pursuing a professional career. 

Please review the application process. After you have completed all of the steps below, we welcome you to apply! 

***Before you begin the application process, please be sure you are connected to Texas Workforce Commission – Vocational Rehabilitation Services and have a dedicated V.R. Counselor.***
To find your local TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Services Office, please
click here.

Application Process

1. Apply to and be accepted the University of North Texas

- Rationale: Students must be granted admission to UNT prior to enrollment in ENGAGE.

2. Request two electronic Letters of Recommendation - from former teachers, employers, or other significant individuals (other than relatives) who have known you for at least one year (your application is not complete until they are received.) The Letter of Recommendation Form is located here. Both completed Letters of Recommendation must be received by UNT ENGAGE in order for your application package to be complete.

- Rationale:  To gain additional insights about student strengths, challenges, and interactions with others outside of the family setting.

3. Gather Supporting Documentation - Gather the following supporting documentation (you will upload these documents with the web-based application): 

  1. A copy of your most recent completed psychological evaluation (within the last 3 years). The evaluation should be printed on official letterhead and contain the psychologist’s contact information. The evaluation should include the following information: a diagnosis; academic levels in reading, writing, and math; any mental health concerns (anxiety, depression, etc.); and possible communication and processing challenges you may have.
    ***Although FIE, IEP, and ARD paperwork are appreciated, they do not meet the requirements of a full neuropsychological evaluation from a qualified provider.***
    1. Rationale: To inform the ENGAGE team of evidence-based assessments that provide a more well-rounded view of the student's strengths and areas that might need to be addressed once the student arrives on campus.
  2. Unofficial transcript(s) from high school and any previous college(s)/university(ies).
    1. Rationale: To verify credits and hours received at other educational institutes and to review previous successes and attention areas. 
  3. Letter of Intent - Describe in 2-3 paragraphs, in the student's own words, why they would like to participate in ENGAGE.
    1. Rationale: To inform the ENGAGE team of the student's interest in the program, and provide insight as to what the student hopes to gain from participating in ENGAGE. 

4. Submit an ENGAGE Application - Your unofficial transcript(s), and Letter of Intent will be uploaded with this application.

5. Submit your most recent psychological evaluation by responding to the encrypted email from ENGAGE - After submitting your ENGAGE application, staff will review and send an encrypted email to request your psychological evaluation documents. This process is to ensure your data remains secure and encrypted. After you receive the encrypted email, reply to the message with your documentation attached. Do not change the subject line, as this will break the encryption.

green bar separator***NOTICE***

All materials must be received in order for your application to be considered complete. Students applying to ENGAGE will be reviewed holistically based upon their completed application. As open spots become available, ENGAGE staff will reach out to schedule interviews. The interview team will consist of ENGAGE staff members. The interviews will include questions related to college readiness and provide an opportunity for the student/parent(s)/guardian(s) to understand the expectations of ENGAGE. Separate interviews can be held with the prospective student's parent(s)/guardian(s) given the student’s written consent.

Official interviews must be completed before a decision is made regarding acceptance to ENGAGE. Students will be contacted within 4 weeks after their official interview via the email they provided in their application. ENGAGE reserves the right to accept or deny applicants based on the holistic review of their completed application, required accompanying documents, official interviews, and staffing availability.