What is EPIC?

EPIC stands for Empowering Personal Interactions in the Community, and we aim to support neurotypical and neurodivergent young adults, 18 and up, in social, philanthropic, and learning opportunities through community-based events.

Social events consist of community outings for game nights, movie nights, sharing meals at restaurants or to take advantage of various community events in Denton and surrounding towns.

Philanthropic events are planned in accordance with community need and current participant interest.

Learning events include a teaching and application portion focused on general skills such as stress management, nutrition, or goal setting.

Who will enjoy EPIC events?

  •  individuals who are 18 or older
  • those who have the desire to be with peers in a social setting
  • those with functional communication to socialize with their peers
  • individuals who are independent in activities of daily living (e.g., toileting & hygiene maintenance)
  • those who can regulate sensory input and emotions when in a social group
  • those who recognize and communicate sensory or emotional dysregulation

EPIC Social Media

You can find UNT EPIC on a variety of social platforms including Facebook and L.A.C.E Nexus.

  •  L.A.C.E Nexus: The Local Autism Community Engagement Nexus connects you with real-world events, gameplay events, and local businesses and services. Explore the L.A.C.E Nexus website and download the app here: https://www.lacenexus.com/. Once on the app, you can stay up to date on UNT EPIC events.
  • Facebook: Like UNT EPIC on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/untepic to stay up to date on events.



Program Coordinator- Lauren Mathews, M.S., CCC-SLP

Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology and has been at UNT since 2005. She teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in speech-language pathology and supervises students in the UNT Speech and Hearing Center. She has supported neurodivergent students at UNT since 2016 as advisor to the student organization, Tuesday Night Flights, co-founded UNT ENGAGE (Embracing Neurodivergent Groups in Academics and Gainful Employment), implemented Eagle Chat (student peer support group), and is the program coordinator of UNT EPIC (Empowering Personal Interactions in the Community).